Medical Writing


Legal Contracting

  • Clinical Director
    Cynthia's professional and clinical skills have been an asset to the many studies that we have worked on together. The knowledge that she brings when it comes to medical writing and reviewing/developing investigational protocols are unparalleled. She has great work ethics and never complains about working long hours to complete any tasks. She is very resourceful and I look forward to working with Cynthia on future projects.
    Clinical Director
  • CPL
    Cynthia is a team player-she is always willing to help in any situation. Cynthia was willing to perform a thorough review of Data Listings and was an intricate part in reviewing these within our timelines. She also does everything possible to meet our DMC timelines every six months and willing to travel as often as needed to accomplish this. She has great communication skills and isn’t afraid to ask questions, when needed. She comes prepared with questions and participates in our regular meetings as well as global meetings. Her monitoring visit reports are always within the window and have never been late. She is great about following up with any issues both at the site and internally and always remains positive while doing so. Cynthia also knows when it’s time to escalate an issue.Cynthia is and has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her work ethic and professionalism allows her to get responses from her sites when needed. She was actually awarded “monitor of the year” at one of her sites two years in a row! I am very thankful to have Cynthia on our team and look forward to continuing work with her on the study and hopefully some future studies!
  • CTA
    I would love to give feedback for Cynthia and have nothing negative to say about her. As the CTA, I really work with her on TMF, but she sends her documents in regularly and on time. She is always very responsive in regards to her sites and is eager and willing to help whenever anyone needs her. She stands out as a CRA to me because of this and is one of the best that I have worked with. She cares a lot about her sites and is a very positive person who is genuinely interested in the bettering of patient care. She is fantastic. Can’t say anything bad about her. I know she will receive the same feedback from anyone asked here, we all love working with her.